Monday, February 04, 2013

Christmas in February

We were home a lot during the Christmas 2012 season.  A lot.  The papa had the whole week off and we didn't go anywhere further than caroling in Chapel Hill.  Which is actually pretty far.  We brought most of the party to us, as we do.  

It's not Christmas without doling out the task of picking the pomegranate.  Dr. Gooch was the lucky recipient of this reddish chore.

Lamb sliders and Citrus Salad with fried Rosemary and Crispy Olives

Apple Cheddar Beet pastry squares and Crudités of course!

Speculoos Buttons and Crystal both looking pretty.

Heidi and Ami in the Decked Dining Hall

A new treat this year: Italian Soda Bar and Sarah P Tuttle in her Senior prom dress.

The ever-present cheese table, accoutrements accounted for.

Platinmum Chrissy and Prawns.

The tree complete with track and Polly with her plate.

All the lovely ladies didn't show empty-handed: cue all the lovely lads!

I just have to say, that truly, there is no use pining for Spring when February has only just begun.  May as well reflect on Christmas Past in order to pass the time til the tulips bloom.  That's what I say, at least.


k a t y said...

And well said, at that. Fun to live Christmas once again.

Jayne said...

always love when you post! What a fun celebration! You can imagine my surprise, after reading your blog for a couple years now (found it through Katy's) to see my high school pal, Arnie in the photos! First saw him in the Disney ones and now again! Such a small small world!:)

Rebecca said...

Such a beautiful spread! Thanks for sharing.

The Original Mangums said...

Beautiful, yummy, and so great with all your friends! Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

Tasha said...

So fun to see Heidi! Both Platinum Crissy and Sarah P Tuttle in her Senior gown, AMAZING! I don't know which were more beautiful, the women there, or the food. And why no picture of you????
Since I am reading this in April, I will say, Merry Christmas in April!!

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