Friday, January 04, 2013

A New Year's Letter to You: R&R

Rain and Resolutions.  Those are the words for these first few days of January.  They remind me of the time we ran away for a day or two.

That trip we took to Asheville!  We left our progeny in the capable hands of a few handpicked protectors.  That trip where we drove under the Blue Ridge Bridge past the showoff trees and hot coal-colored leaves of the mighty Southeastern Fall.

In January, 2012, last January, we made a heap of resolutions like we do, you and I.  Among them some went undone.  We still don't have food storage, although I did get the backpacks (6) for a kit that will last 72-hours, also yet to do.  Instead we are now praying for no ice storms.  Let it rain and rain, keep the ice away for we aren't ready!  But, more than all that, we'd rather sun.

But, a few we did do!  Those pesky resolutions that I love and that keep us honest.  You, too.  We swore to getaway together.  Really away, not just away to the parking lot of the preschool .4 miles down from Cicada Cottage.

And we did it!  A resolution resolved!  We drove away.  After some spectacular sun, it rained in Asheville.  We ducked in and out of shops and restaurants sitting, chewing, smiling at one another.  You're the best. I'll not forget 

The run through the woods up those steep hills where I rediscovered my calves and we began our running together which is more like funning.

There was that gross drink you had at the bookstore and the art that we didn't buy in that basement.  Also, remember when we almost bought a guitar for our friend Duane but we couldn't find the one he wanted?  Then that night we watched the presidential election '12.  Yeah, there was that.

Back at the hotel, while you learned how to better relieve the insufferable emergencies that plague the people, I dunked my mother body quickly in ice cold water then quietly back into warmth of steam and lavender and minted scented towels.  I've never felt anything like it.  Thanks for that.

Rest and Relaxation.  I don't ever give you that.  I make you foot bills for holiday parties and pretty pieces of clothing and also food for that pooch on our back porch.  But you give R&R to me everyday just by 

The marvelous man that you are and have become and are becoming still.  Just by letting me be the number one in your arms.

So let it rain and let the resolutions find their repose in this new year.  We made too many again.  It is the only way.

And if you promise to remain I will find it within my heart to give you more


And even a little Relaxation.

Happy New Year!


Krisanne said...

What a beautiful letter! You are both lucky to have each other :)

Carol said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED this Jordan! Please keep writing. You inspire me!!!

Tasha said...

I loved this letter! As always! Glad you are back!

Sarah said...

So beautiful -words and pictures!!

k a t y said...

I demand more equality between Instagram and blog so that we may dine on your words more fully. Loved this.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Love your words.
Pictures are pretty incredible too!
Craig's a keeper!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful tribute! Love your mate pick and he is might blessed to hold you, too!

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olivia said...

Just saw this for the first time! How romantically romantic and sweetly sweet. Congratulations on your resolved resolutions! I hope I can hear those for the coming year.

Jawed Ali said...

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