Monday, October 15, 2012

Utah in September

Sometimes it's nice to go back to being just daughter.  What is it that is so comforting about parents even long long after your parentable age has passed?

Is it that you know they won't turn you down? They will do anything to help you?  Could be.

I am always surprised at how truly a desert this place is after being away for a spell.  

It is the most beautiful desert.

And, is the light a little brighter, less filtered here?

I saw a dear sweet friend find happiness in a mate.  There is no other better happiness than that.

The best kind of mothering is the mothering that involves the giving of food.  I never feel like a better mother than when I am feeding my children tasty nutritious food!  My mom made me oatmeal.  But this isn't just any oatmeal (steel cut toasted in coconut oil, mixed with buttermilk)

But then, this isn't just any Mom.  She is also toasted in coconut oil and smells like buttermilk.  No, no she doesn't.

BYU: the best educational bang for your buck (read: a really good school at a really good price)

My Dadda, scoping out his future plot.  Never was there a man who improved his plot more thoroughly and beautifully than he.

 Ashley and Jacob hold down the proverbial fort in Utah as the only west coast siblings.  They do a good job, but we miss their mugs and all the little mugs they make (and will make in the future).

I love Utah.  It holds a lot of who I am.  And also who I love.

But it sure is nice to come home.

Stay tuned for "Utah in October".  I know, could you be any luckier?


k a t y said...

Loved this. Also look forward to what you saw through your lens as I go through what I saw through mine :)

Tasha said...

You do have amazing and talented friends, no wonder, they are just like you! When you say "plot" do you mean burial plot, or are your parents going to build a house and settle in Utah or come back to NC? I know they are there house sitting, but are they going to stay? I know, TOTALLY my beeswax:)
You look lovely in the blue dress btw.
Look forward to hopefully seeing you next fall or whenever we can make it happen!

Rebecca said...

You're blogging again! WHOOPEE! Love the images and love you!