Thursday, October 18, 2012

Utah in October: Part II, The Marriage

We got up early that morning.  The day was chilly but clear and sunny.  The three of us from out of town, Katy, Ann, and I, ran all the hot water out of the shower at my parents place and primped and powdered until everyone was ready.

Then, we drove to Manti.  And so did so many others who we love and who love Jacob and Krisanne.

Cousin Natali was there, too, with her million dollar smiling eyes.

We prompted the mother of the groom to twirl up to the temple. And she did.  

The Father of the Bride, as expected, kept to to the orange and grey theme of this wedding quite well. 

Inside, promises were made and we all witnessed a beautiful union.

That day, I learned again to keep up the simple things: nice words, generous gestures, smiles, hugs, and kisses.

And also the often not so simple: gathering family, nourishment for the spirit, and true selflessness.  Am I being truly selfless, putting him and his needs always before my own?

Our brother Jacob has never had trouble with that.  He wants to do good and be good.

I learned that all any of us want is to love and be loved in return.  It is the most important thing for every human.

It takes much of work and much of patience and lets add a sprinkle of sense of humor to that.

But I think, after thinking on it a bit, and in my own 11 1/2 years into this thing, that the most important thing is forgiveness.

And not just any run of the mill brand of the stuff.  But "blanket" forgiveness.  Forgiving without question.  Dolling out generous doses of benefit-of-the-doubt kind of forgiveness.  

Because even Aunt Carol and Ashley have to work at it!

But we do it, or we should if we haven't.  Because between the birth of our littles and death of our loved there is not a lot of time to get it right.

But I don't ever want to dwell on that.  I guess I just want to be grateful for the chance.

The chance to be loved.

The chance to love.

The chance to share and laugh!!

And the chance to forgive.

What a sweet reminder for me.  Thank you Jake and Krisanne, for letting me participate in your beginning.


Krisanne said...

Jordan, you've reminded me of all the beautiful things that were talked about during the sealing. You've also reminded me how much love we all felt that day. Thank you!

Rebecca said...

You are just magic with words; makes me feel all over again those wonderful feelings of that day. Love, love, love you!

Heather said...

Long-time reader, infrequent with comments. I love, LOVED this post. It spoke to my heart today. Thank you.

Rebekah V. said...

Blanket Forgiveness. There is serious power and goodness in that idea. Thanks for giving me a point on the horizon to walk toward.

Carol said...

Yay!!! I loved seeing so many faces that mean so much to me. I'm so so happy for Jacob! :)

Tasha said...

I loved everything you had to say and will go write some of it in my journal right this minute. Thank you.

Where did you find so many fabulous orange accessories??? The tights? The shoes, belts? And the dress, what a labor of love. Krissanne will fit right in with wonderful sisters. What a wonderful welcome to have Katy make her her wedding dress.
You Knudsens do "love" well!