Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Utah in October: Part I, The Wedding is On!

Lunch was on by virtue of The Machine Gun at Bruges Waffles and Frites in Salt Lake after being on two planes all day.

Flowers on display, by my Dad.

My Mom, gettin' her ginger on.

Fall Colors on the mountain.

Katy, getting the dress ready for the Bride to try on.

Ann and I on our way to the wedding.  So good to see her after a desert sabbatical in the middle east!!

Uncle Paul and his sister, on topic with my mother.

The goodies on the table!

The glaze on the madeleines.

The photography on all of it.

The wedding dress on the bride!

The details on the wedding dress.  CHB=Curly-haired boy=Jacob=my brother, on the button.

Smiling on and on, all day long.

We prefer mustard on our potato salad.

The sun on the lanterns.

The happy couple on cue.

My feet on sacred ground.

After sending the newlyweds off, we gathered on a rooftop

And turned on The Lower Lights.

Concert Chicks with their coats on.

Raspberry butter on perfect piping popovers.

Getting back on the plane with baby brother Ben.  

Goin' on home.

Stay tuned for Utah in October: Part II, The Marriage


Krisanne said...

The entire weekend I was "on" cloud 9! Thanks for the pics, Jordan :)

Tasha said...

The wedding dress was amazing. I love how you all shake it up a little and do your own think. Your one sister wore that totally chic bluish suit. Your family bleeds creativity and style. #genetics. Mine does not :)

You and Ann look more and more alike as the years go on, I think. (Which is a comliment, you are both beauties, you know) I am so happy for the couple, you have another sister!!!!

I am loving instagraming with you, its like "talking" every day in a small way, but I am so happy to see a blog up date.
Much Love Jo.

Kurt Knudsen said...

BEAUTIFUL, one and all!