Monday, October 08, 2012

There's a Rock in the Ocean!

Sooooooo...I'm beginning to be reprimanded by certain people for abandoning "my angle"'s no big dill, but I'd like to keep the dialogue alive here in this space.  

Yet, as the temperatures drop, and the holiday season looms on the horizon, I'm still stuck in my swimsuit in a summer that we will never forget.

A summer that Dr. Gooch calls "The best one yet."  

So before I moved into Halloween spooks and Fall festivals (not to mention our upcoming PINK Christmas!), I'm going to spend a week warming your world wide web with snaps from our summer.

We ventured away from the Outer Banks beaches and headed up north where, to rascal delight, we found rocks in the ocean!!

Mangums take Martha's Vineyard, 2012.


k a t y said...

So nice you've joined the blog world again. I've missed your angle, those words that seamlessly flow through each post. Soon I will join you in your instagram world, but glad you're still here!


Krisanne said...

Can I reprimand you, too, for being gone? Your words inspire me more than any others. How am I supposed to become a better writer without you to guide me? :)

Alyssa said...

I too have missed reading your blog. I keep coming back in hopes that you have posted something new. It is fun to see your kids growing! Miss you guys!

LCFrohm said...

what's with the pink christmas? do tell!

Carol said...

I've missed you too Jordan. Don't stop writing!!!