Friday, October 12, 2012

I Miss Ivy

She is pure sunshine and small talk.  I got to see her twice in the past couple of months on some trips I took to the Beehive State for what other than weddings!  

Here is a taste of Ivy for you:

Sunflower Ivy

Ivy in Blue

Ivy comin' atcha

Crossword Ivy

Ivy in green

Ivy in Red

Chopstick Ivy

Ivy's Tired

Ivy's Mama, I miss her, too.  Would you please tell her to bring Ivy to the CC?


k a t y said...

Ivy is the best.

The end.

Vhari said...

You're such a talented photographer Jordan. Ivy is so beautiful. I love the picture of you and Ashley. Gorgeous.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Thanks for documenting little Ivy.

The Baker's Goods said...

We miss you too! Will you come be my in house photographer!

Tasha said...

What a doll, and you know just how to catch em! Yes Ashley! The perfect Christmas present would be to bring Ivy and crew to the CC!