Monday, October 22, 2012

"Don't Get Excitable!

Have you ever had your parents live with you for any extended period of time?  We feel unusually blessed to have had both my parents (9 months) and the Gooch's parents (2 months) stay with us.   

These are some shots of Nana and Papa Gooch on the morning they moved out.  Several of us shed some tears. As they pulled out of the driveway, waving and honking, I though how really I won the lottery as far as in-laws are concerned.  They are two of a kind.  

If I could only choose two words to describe the two of them, the two words would be:


Tireless, as in active, eager, energetic, hard-working, industrious, on the go, perky, perservering, steadfast, unwearying, and vigorous.

Generous as in charitable, considerate, easy, good, helpful, honest, kindhearted, moderate, thoughtful, tolerant, ungrudging, unselfish, and willing.  

So willing.  To give you an idea of their generosity, I didn't do laundry (wash, dry or fold!) for the whole two months that they lived down the hall.  What!?  Just in case you didn't know about the strained relationship that laundry and I have...this is a dream come true.  And I have never seen Dr. Gooch's woodworking bench so consistently vacuumed and tidy.  

They are the best.  And we miss them.  The end.


The Original Mangums said...

And we miss you, so much!!! Thank you for the kind words, but know that it was so fun to be there, and we loved every minute!!! We can't wait till we can visit again!

k a t y said...

We love those two, too. Will they come live with us next??

k a t y said...

ps is that Carl's gold backpack?

Rebecca said...

And you and Craig make wonderful hosts!

Heidi said...

What a wonderful thing to have them live with you for so long! The kids look like they are in love too!

The Busch's Hullabaloo said...

Great words to describe those two! Thanks for taking such great care of them through dad's recovery, they had a great time. Hugs and kisses from Ohio!

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