Friday, July 06, 2012

Writing Down the Boons

Oh boy.  Summer started off with a yelp and a roar.  Now, it's sort of annoyingly grumbling in the corner like a patient in a sanitorium (think Mann's Magic Mountain).  Maybe its the heat.  (Maybe my mood).  Maybe it's a particular task that follows me around all day sitting on my shoulders like a gremlin.  (Maybe that time of the month).  Maybe it's that my kids are so wonderful that they can hardly stand to be in each other's presence.  Not sure (I wont' even mention the laundry). I am writing down the boons:

The pool, it saves many days.
Little ripe surprises to roast from the garden.
The light, morning and evening.
Friends, who are always willing to come for a distraction or provide one when you cannot.
My mother-in-law who loves laundry AND my children.
Pictures of my new Nephew, Silas, on Instagram.
Stone fruit (we just ate the last of the peaches--aaaaaah--every last sickeningly sweet and juicy one)
Morning snuggles.
Funny Puppies.
Plans.  Future plans.

Okay.  It is pretty nice around here.

Summer's more than half over (or maybe its that we still have half of summer left).


k a t y said...

Love your boons. And you, too, of course.

madsta said...

summer has just started over here, with thunder and rain.
what's your instagram name? I'd love to follow :)

kelly said...

ahhh peaches I so cannot wait for our summer so I can eat peaches...
Can I follow you on Instagram?...Im my Instagram name is kelzajd :-)

kelly said...

"Im my" ..bad wording above sorry..
I should re read before i press send... :-)

Tasha said...

Loved reading this. I hear you, its that middle place...