Friday, June 01, 2012

Meine Doctor Goochstus

Here is the birthday boy...

Here is what I fed him on his birthday...

Lemon Tart

Salmon with Hollandaise

I'm writing this at 12:46 AM, which makes it June 1st!  Holy what!?  But since May slipped right through my fingers like the white of an egg for meringue, I'm going to pretend it's still that lusty month in which my love was born.  It was the 16th to be exact.  He turned 36.  Such a nice even number.  A number that doubles itself.

My favorite thing about Dr. Gooch is that we doubled ourselves! And made four mini him's and me's. It is truly the best thing we ever did.  Every night I go to bed grateful that he is the other half raising these rascals....because I would, if left to my own devices, produce stingy stressed-out serious-minded siblings with a penchant for daydreaming and dwelling on things.  Also, they would be party animals and would never brush their teeth.

My other favorite thing about Dr. Gooch is his supernatural ability to Get Over It.  In his honor, I'd like to link to this favorite song:

There are only two or three things in life worth dwelling on.  The rest is just detritus from which we must move on.

He doesn't complain.  He doesn't criticize.  He's clean.  He's charismatic.  He charming.  He likes milk chocolate.

And he's mine...that's the best part.  Happy birthday, boy.

**You've brought a humor to my life that was the fuel I feel I was missing all along.  Thank you for your teasing and ever tenderness--they keep me sane and safe.  A girl couldn't ask for anything more.**



john dangelo said...

Happy Birthday Dr Gooch... :-)

john dangelo said...

Oops I just sent that on my husbands account...its Kelly from 5pumkins not John lol...:-)))

carey said...

I absolutely dig your blog. :) Like you, I'm so happy to have a hub with a great sense of humor and the ability to get over it - - something I need to work on!! ;) Have a superb weekend!

olivia said...

what the cutest.

Rebecca said...

Yes! The most perfect man for you!

The Original Mangums said...

He's a great guy alright - we love him!!!