Sunday, January 15, 2012

To Jake a Day Late

It seems I'm always a day late on birthday wishes.  Shame on me.  And with only a day between our birthdays you'd think I could stay on top of things.  

My tardiness doesn't mean I don't love you any less, handsome brother.  I love you a lot.  And think of you often and text once in awhile.  

I wish for all the happiness in the world to be yours.  You deserve it in abundance.  You've had your fair share of heartache but have not let that heartache harden
but only enlarge
the one you've got.

You're talented and caring, smart and understanding, sweet and gentle.  You are a good man.  Happy birthday!


JBK said...

I've always loved "sharing" a b-day with you! Loves you!

Rebecca said...

Immediate tears on that last photo.
Love you all!

Kurt Knudsen said...

love the K trio shot!

Krisanne said...

Amen! So beautifully written. So delightfully true. (I also love that last shot. You're all so pretty) :)