Friday, January 20, 2012

Lemonade and Angels: a pictorial poem

We tagged along once again with Dr. Gooch out to the Banks where we found it was also January at the beach.  But sunshine makes anything possible so we grabbed our jackets and headed for the deserted dunes.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  If life gives you January, make sand angels,

go barefoot, let the wind sweep your hair to one side,

jump and hover between blue and tan,

make your mark on the sand

and stand with the trees and the clouds at the top

before the wind washes away where you've been,

and leaves a haunting cold and grey where only you came to play this day,

make your time count, build and run and yell,

and hold hands when you walk back home.


kelly said...

Beautiful words :-)....

Tasha said...

What a place to moonlight, and an appropriate day to seize:)

Sunshine said...

Jordon, Amber Stecher here from uptown branch in the NOLA days if you remember me. Yep, I have loved reading your blog for all these years:) I have a question if you have a minute. Do you have any suggestions on how to look for a good OBX rental. That's it. Your house is wonderful! I love your garden and your sprouted lentil burgers!

Sunshine said...

oh my address is

olivia said...

i'm late to this but so glad i didn't miss it entirely. a photo essay at its best!