Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Charleston, SC

On December 22nd, we packed up and headed South of the border, leaving Shelby in highly capable hands.

Named "America's Sexiest City" by Travel and Leisure Magazine in 2011, Charleston had much more appeal for us than looks.  Although it has a gorgeous "low-rise skyline" dotted by steeples thus earning the name "The Holy City", in fact one of the few cities of the original 13 colonies that allowed for religious tolerance.  It is also deemed the most polite city in the United States.

However we went for the food.

Here am I with my sister, Katy.  It was breakfast time at Hominy Grill (after sleeping off TWO dinners from the night before). We finished up our first meal of the day an hour before lunch at Husk.  Between the two meals, we stopped at Glazed for donuts with bacon on them.  Dr. Gooch has learned to play (or rather, eat) along when it comes to travel with my family.  He's a good sport.

And the kids don't mind, either.

My Dad.

Clam chowder with a shot of Sherry on the side at Seewee.  My Dad informed the waitress (after we inquired about the vinegar-looking substance) that "She's Mormon so she won't be drinking that!"

Poe's Tavern had good fries and burgers.

In Charleston, in December you can enjoy lights with a side of frozen yogurt self-serve style--it's that warm.

 Sugar lips.

Found this is our hotel room, I think I may start subscribing.  I am the proud owner of a hunting dog.

My Mama.

The big kids' table...

Hominy Grill was delightful due to the company (we shared a table with Mr. And Mrs. Dill--no big deal) and the tasty southern breakfast fare.  Shrimp and cheese grits for me please!!

We also feasted on time with cousins!! (and admired baby Drummer's eyelashes)

Then there was HUSK.  In it's 11 month serving food, it was recently named "Best New Restaurant in America" by Bon Appetit Magazine.  I cannot dispute the claim.

Gorgeous Gammy waiting for our table.

Next to the firewood stack was a chalkboard listing ingredients and their "local" origins.  We were proud to see many came from North Carolina.

Loved this door open onto the veranda from which a gorgeous perfectly temperate breeze poured in during our meal.

Discussing Christmas.

Thick grilled cheese from Tenesseee for the rascals

the most scrumptious salad and smooth as butter parsnip soup for me,

the Doctor chose the Duck (and liked it).

Not able to fit another crumb into our fat bellies, we boarded the trolley for one last look around this great Southern city!

It was wonderful to leave the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations and take a little road trip with dearies like these.  I say we make it a tradition, Dills!  What about you?!  

Next time bring the whole gang and we'll be sure and hit the cupcake shop before it closes and get a hotel with adjoining rooms!


olivia said...

so many comments, but this is what sticks out:

LOVE LOVE LOVE those top photos of you and your sis.

so fun to see dill and mangum kids in the same shot.

you look so HAPPY in all of these!

purrrrrty jealous we couldn't wine(not, because we're mormon) and dine with the likes of all of you. hope a little watch shop doesn't hold us back next year!

Ben said...

YUM YUM! Love the photo of Katy and the technicolor rain.

Alyssa said...

how funny that the day you went to Charleston was the day my brother & his wife left Charleston to come visit us! Looks like you had a great time!

Kurt Knudsen said...

still haven't lost the extra pounds gained on galavanting with you and yours in Charleston. Fun memories!

Gwennie said...

You MUST subscribe to Garden and Gun! It is my favorite magazine with amazing writing, delicious recipes and beautiful photography. An the dogs are pretty cute too.

Lexi said...

You are so glam, Jordan! Can I look like you when I grow up?

Clara said...

Glad you had a great time in my lovely town. I have never been to Husk and now must go check it out. I love Jestine's Kitchen on Wentworth. Best cukes and coconut pie EVER!