Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weekend Update: #2

Christmas Morning, Best Of

Youngest to oldest took turns coming into the family room, where eyes were dazzled by the display.

Sure enough, Santa ate all the cookies and chugged down all the milk, leaving a few conspicuous crumbs.

A surprise for moi!

Dr. Gooch trying to get the dolls out of their boxes.

 "Domino Pack"

Dr. Gooch trying to get the dolls out of their boxes.

Avery bug

Dr. Gooch stumped at the dolls' boxes.

Hazel and the pink pup.  Ended up being her favorite gift.  Go figure.

Lucy starts ballet in March!  Way to reach your goal, Luce!

Kapla blocks, the best ever gift.

Fresh squeezed.

Pan-fried ham, potato latkes with sour cream and applesauce, crepes a la Craig.

Like I said, best gift ever.


Katie said...

I will never understand why they put dolls in the boxes the way they do. You can hardly get the suckers out of there! Great pics!

sherrie said...

Oh darn - Santa almost brought those blocks!

robin said...

i LOVE those nightgowns! so adorable. what great pictures...

M said...

Chris and I made the mistake of counting up our degrees while attempting to assemble Thomas the Tank Engine toys for our son.

It was not encouraging.