Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekend Update: #1

My children in their Christmas Eve PJs.  Seth and Lucy are looking like twins.  Lucy's hair reminds me of a female singer in the 60s.  I love how long the nightgowns were this year.  Well done Boden!

Bonus: Cohen Juarez Knudsen in his Christmas Eve PJs plus slobber string coming off his beard.  Love.

I'm sifting through the photos from the weekend's festivities but my mind is in the cupboards (not the gutter).  Monday it was the one under the kitchen sink.  Yesterday it was all five in our master bathroom.  I'm cleaning/clearing out (small bottles of clinique product anyone?)  In other news, Dr, Gooch still doesn't like the dog, Lucy's pushing out a big buck tooth right up front, the paperwhites are dying, I'm sprouting lentils, Shelby sprained my ankle really badly, the Dr. numbed my infected finger and I couldn't feel it for a whole day, my parents flew to Qatar for two weeks, I'm working on new New Year's resolutions (34 this year), the tree stills smells divine, I threw out all the remaining candy (read: rock hard caramels), I love our friends, I love having bits of family close by, Shelby loves Hazel best and gave her twenty nose kisses this morning, we've been in the 60s all week!, it's crazy you're still reading this and I love you for it.


kera said...

if your blog writing & family weren't so great & cute i may have stopped!! LOVE the boden gowns.....i searched the world over to find basic cute green/red/white jammies! what's up with that being so unatainable?

BRENTandROBIN + two said...

I read it all and always you guys. Seriously!

The Original Mangums said...

Great Christmas pictures! Love the random thoughts and statements, that is the way I think, drives Carl up a tree sometimes, keeps life interesting! First P.T. vist this a.m. and staples out this afternoon, he is doing well. Love you!

Dona said...

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