Thursday, November 17, 2011

NYC Twenty Eleven

I know it sounds so cliche, I mean, it is.  That I love NY.  I do.  I decided it is genetic.  It is something my parents have passed down to me (and my sibs) and I think as the rascals watch me gussy up for a trip to "the big city" and as they pour over bright photos of big buildings and a happy grinning mama, they begin to see the magic in it, too.  I don't know if Dr. Gooch is happy about this or not.

My first trip to New York City was when I was...19?  I was completely distracted because I had fallen in love that year plus I was leaving from NY to Ireland for an entire myself.  The things I remember about that trip were the fresh lychees for sale on the street, meeting Susan Serandon and her family outside of Gotham Bar and Grill after our prix fixe lunch, and taking a picture with a slue of NYPD officers.

One year, I went with a good friend with whom we shared a wall with in New Orleans.  It was almost exactly a year after September 11.   I was married then but not yet a mother.  I remember taking photos on gorgeous steps.  I wore a striped shirt.  We visited a fabric shop.  I bought a bedspread for our bed that is faded and holey now and has been reincarnated as a picnic blanket.

I went once after my parents sold the family home then found out there was "still" some gold buried in the yard (by my Grandfather in the forties).  They generously spent their portion on taking all the Knudsen kids and spouses to the City.  I was pregnant with Avery.  In fact, all four of us (my sisters) were pregnant.  And now we all have three year olds!!  We all got swollen feet from the walking. This was the trip where I fell in love with Muji.

Every trip to the Big Apple is different.  But every trip always has two things.  Lots of walking and lots of eating.

Last year was no different.  Last year we also rented bikes from Russians and rode them in Central Park.  This year...

We took a Sunset Sail on the river.  The weather was absolutely perfect.

Except for maybe that one sneaky gust of wind that waited until I had hands full of cocoa and camera to whisk my floppy felt hat into the Hudson.  

Yes.  I totally caught it on film (and face).  

We got up close and personal with Lady Liberty.

Mr. Isley said it best, "Do nations give gifts like this any more?  This was the best ever."

Look at the frosting on those waves!

All genetics aside, I think anyone might find it hard not to love this city.  If you do (find it hard to love NY, that is), let me take you with me next time.  (I'm talking to you, Dr. Gooch!) thought that was it.  No, honey, there is much much more.  But Shelby (the dog) is stinking up the room with toots so she needs to go out and I need to turn in.  Stay tune for the wee restaurant, finger snapping, and a bridge...don't you wish all I did was travel to fun cities?  Sure beats folding laundry (which is what I do all the time that I'm not traveling to fun cities).


Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I love NYC and I think it is inherited as well. My mom used to take all 5 us into the city a few times a year growing up. She would decide one morning we were going to NY and we would hop on a train and always do something different. I don't remember my dad going very often. He wasn't a fan of the city but my mom loved it and I know that she wanted us to experience her love of it. Sometimes we would ride the tour bus, sometimes we would see shows, we had adventures in cabs and the subway. Sometimes we would go over night but mostly just long day trips. She now takes the grandkids one on one or sometimes in larger groups a few times a year.

I am sorry you lost your hat but it looks like you had an amazing visit so I am sure it was worth it.

Rebekah V. said...

I did not know you had just gotten back from NYC! If I had known I would have peppered you with questions and had a hard time not interrupting your answers with my own two cents. Soon. I will do that soon. Meanwhile I am loving seeing the pics and hearing the stories here, although, I must say, I mourn the hat.

KevandChels said...

ahhh, i know. i hope we retire there someday:) we lived close for one year and it was heavenly! glad you had a fun trip.