Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long Sunday Mornings

Tucked in the forest surrounding the Duke campus is a little trail.  It is three miles long.  The paths are lined with light grey gravel and it winds and rolls wonderfully.  

Sunday mornings last until 12:30 when we have to leave for church.  A long morning like that demands a long walk like this.

And, at the most wonderful time of the year (which is right now if you didn't know) a long walk turns into a little piece of heaven.

All of us were in it.

Even (and especially) the dog.

Who keeps this pathway so clean?

Resting in the weeds.  We had to stop and "rest" many times, but not because of her, but because of our other four stubby-legged rascals.  I applauded Shelby's energy and fortitude on this hike.  Seth says, "Well...she has FOUR legs!"

There was all sorts of pretty to be found.  In the flowers, in the colors, in the morning light and

in little girls with leaves.

And don't forget the handsome, there's always plenty of that with this growing gent around.

The most wonderful time of the year is what it is because of the people with whom I get to share it.


The Original Mangums said...

A beautiful touch for a Sabbath Day! The children are getting so big and beautiful, and handsome!

B said...

I LOVE beautiful fall walks, especially with my Airedale Terrier. Glad to see Shelby is part of the fam. Beautiful pics.

e.r.a. said...

You live in the most beautiful place! Where do you find these amazing walks? Gorgeous.

Ann said...

Beautiful photos!