Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Hazel

There's nothing like a sad Hazel.  It follows that there is nothing like a happy Hazel, too.  That girl gets shooed aside all to often in this busy household.  Every family has one, and our Hazel is the child that craves, needs, demands a large dose of undivided attention.  And, in a busy (too busy) household, that dose is not often administered.

So when she turned five on November second, I did my darnedest to make all her dreams come true.

One of those dreams was: A Vanilla Cake with Cherries and A Bride and Groom on Top.

I made a vanilla cake that never rose in the oven.  So the whole party was delayed for a quick run to the bakery for a vanilla cake.  An earlier trip to the toy store and a jar of maraschinos in the fridge helped in fulfilling the rest of the cake requests.

If I'm not mistaken, this is a happy Hazel.

Very happy.  Turning 5 is a big deal.

And when you're turning just 5,

It is still so easy to make all those dreams and wishes come true.

Do you think she knows

That she is part of my 33-year-old dream come true?

I love you, Hazel.  You are amazing to me.  Happy Birthday.


Rebecca said...

Whoopee for Hazel!

Ann said...

Happy birthday, Hazel!

merathon said...

do you think she knows how lucky she is to have the most amazing mom that would move heaven and earth for her family??? :) i love that she wanted a bride and groom on her cake!

The Original Mangums said...

A Happy Hazel is what we want! Looks to me like she was more than just happy, she was thrilled! Love you Hazel! Good Job Jordan!

Natalie said...

she does look happy! and turning 5 is a HUGE deal! i love your dream-come-true too jordan!

Panooch said...

Love that girl! Happy B-day Haze.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Hazel is enthusiasm personified!

Jessica said...

I like to imagine a day in the future when Hazel is a grown woman and she reads this post about her 5th birthday and she's reminded that she was part of your dream coming true. I love that. Also--I didn't realize that Maeve shares a birthday with Hazel! Fun!

Pretty neat, eh? said...

Jordan, dreams for five year olds come true thanks to amazing mum's like you! My son turned five this week and a few dreams of his came true in the form of a cake too. Simple dreams, gorgeous dreams, precious dreams. Thanks for sharing!