Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's a saying we have hanging in our kitchen and we are wise when we follow it.  In such a large, diverse city, it is easy to find the best of the best.  This particular day, we returned to an old favorite for breakfast at Norma's and found the best pizza at Company (a Jim Lahey creation).  And a trip to Manhattan would not be complete without a morning gorging at his Bakery (which was conveniently just around the corner from our hotel!)

Those bags are full of bready delights!


Kurt Knudsen said...

Thanks for bringing a loaf home for us

Ann said...

Mmmmm. You're making me hungry!

Rebecca said...

Yes, thanks for the fresh, flown in bread!

kelly said...

I cannot tell you how hungry I am right about now...thanks for sharing all those yummmo food pictures....xo
P.s your blog is lovely.
P.p.s my husband and i considering getting a dog for my five children, you may have convinced me in your puppy dog post:-)))

kelly said...

Oopps I meant OUR children not my children, man I do that all the :-))))
Am I the only one who does that???

Jessica said...

Jamie said Co. pizza was the BEST he'd ever eaten. I think the bread at Sullivan Street Bakery was the BEST I'd ever eaten. Is that Rochelle (sp?) I your photos? She used to be in my ward.