Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If You Come Visit Me, You'll Eat Well

What do you do with four dear friends that come into town from all parts of the country?  You take 'em to Liberty, NC!  For antiques and authentic BBQ of course!  We all found a little gem to take home.  I may take Dr. Gooch and the rascals back in the Spring.

Besides foraging for finds we feasted on food!  Good food.

Apple Cheddar Dogs on Pretzel rolls from here.

Egg's Benedict over Spinach Waffles,

Chorizo and Black Bean Quesadilla,

...and Curry Chicken Salad from here.

And Fresh baked pizza with peppered salami, fresh mozz, and brussel sprouts from here at Cicada Cottage!!

Plus an unforgettable dining experience here where we ordered just about ALL the appetizers to share on the menu.  My favorite was the bento box.

Til next time, ya-yas.


TX Girl said...

What, no reference to our musical outing? Thanks for not posting any embarrassing photos of me. It was luh-lovely. Cannot wait for next year. You, my dear, are the perfect hostess.

Brooke said...

Lovely. Girlfriends are food for a mother's soul. Yes?

I am a relatively new reader to your blog...found my way here via your sister to read about Lucy. I have prayed for your sweet girl, and rejoice with you over her great strides in recovery. You are blessed.

Oh how I love to find kindred spirits in the giant World of Blog. So much of what you write strikes a chord with me, and I always enjoy my visits here.

I am particularly intrigued by your stunning photos and am curious if you have any notes of advice? I recently sent my oldest to college with my beloved DSLR, and am now in the market for replacement. Curious to know if you have any pointers in the camera/lens department and if any particular sources helped you hone your skills.

Shelby is precious. It appears, from gazing into those puppy eyes, that she possesses both the ability to make and unravel your day. That's just a guess. :-) Your hands are decidedly very full.


Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

That looks like my kind of day- what treasures did you collect?

Susannah said...

Hi Jordan, I haven't commented in a long time, although I've been reading and have, as usual, enjoyed your reflections as you dealt with the (too many!) difficult situations you were presented with over the past several months. It's embarrassing that a food post is what spurred me to comment, but, eggs benedict on spinach waffles?!?! How did I not know of the possibility of such wonder?:) My husband, son and I moved to Raleigh in April and I love when your posts lead me to somewhere I can actually try for myself. Thank you, be well.

Tasha said...

Till next time! Miss ya'll allready. Can you send me one of those buns so I can make myself a hot dog. There's no other way to re-create it!

Jordan said...

Lara! I forgot to include that particular gem! I didn't have any pictures, that's why.

Amy W. said...

I absolutely adore that you have so many pics of our food--and Susannah, eggs benedict on spinach waffles for sure! They were divine. Good times, good friends, good eats, good mud--thanks for a wonderful weekend! You were the hostess with the mostest!