Thursday, October 06, 2011

Chewbaca's Toe

Here I go.  I'll be coming back with one of these! (See above).  Although ours will start out much smaller and less hairy.  I know you think she looks like Chewbaca (sp?) but I think she looks wise and kind and wild (does it get better than those three qualities in one being)?  

I am very nervous.  First of all, just like I am not a writer, I am also not a dog person.  I am about to become one.  One of those dog people. Second of all, I am bringing a 14 pound puppy back on an airplane.  Say a prayer for me that goes something like this:  'Please let the elimination episodes pass without to much trauma and please bless the person/people sharing my row on the plane to be dog people.  Amen.'

I am leaving our four rascals with the man attached to this toe.  Though, the toe is much blacker and bluer and less red now.  Poor toe.

I would rather leave them with no other person.  He is a STAR!  And the brightest one for letting me ride out this crazy adventure and for becoming a dog person with me whether he likes it or not.  Thank you, Dr. Gooch.  

In other news.  I decorated the house while the raskies were at school and when they came home, well...I made their month.  

The crate is set up.  The bowls are waiting to feed in the laundry room.  The leash is hanging.  Am I forgetting anything?  My sanity?

It is WAY too late for that, folks.

More beach pictures to come (the sky was breathtaking while we were there...maybe tomorrow while I'm on sitting on the plane.  Just sitting, all by my lonesome (:


sara b said...

Cannot wait to see you tomorrow! I'm ready for our road trip to Idaho and two poochies running through my house.

The Original Mangums said...

Good wishes for a wonderful trip - and good luck with the puppy on the way home!
Craig, that toe is awful looking, so sorry!Super Dad, saving Avery at the swimming pool!

Jenny Dahl said...

Funniest part of this post is when you claimed to NOT be a writer. Good luck. You are no doubt about to fall in love with another!

madsta said...

good luck! how exciting! my own dog is actually older than I am, and I'm nearly eighteen!
And best wishes to Dr. goochs toe!