Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beware, It's The State Fair

The fair is a strange strange land where the food is horrible but you love to indulge, there is nothing to do really except pay to ride rides after you've already paid to be admitted but it is so fun, it is stinky but we linger until dusk, the only thing to buy is stuff you'd regret paying real money for once you get it home but that giant stuffed flamingo seemed so is a place of paradox.

Somehow, even though we swear, "Never again!" we make our way over to the State Fair each year.

We say we do it "for the kids!"  But really, it puts our adult sensibilities under spell.

Against our better judgement we ooh and aah over squinting squash,

We begin to fill our perfectly healthy bodies with the likes of spun sugar

and corn dipped in a vat of yellow oily stuff they're calling butter

And it feels so good but we know it is so wrong.

It was my stylish, sensible, mother who proclaimed, "This must be what hell is like."

But, we do it for the children, because...

There is something that draws us to the heights of a ferris wheel turning in the sunlight,

and the gastronomic glistening of fried everythings

And the tinny music that spins us on bobbing fiberglass equines.  

At the State Fair, fruit! wins prizes,

And you get to ride in a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

There is nothing like it, really.  Even an outbreak of E. Coli. in Wake County (per Dr. Gooch's report) won't keep us from going back next year....maybe.


Rebecca said...

WHOOPEE for the state fair! Let's do it again!

Ann said...

Only you could make fried food and kiddie rides sound poetic.

Glad you had a good time!

The Original Mangums said...

Haven't been to a State Fair in years. Think Carl and I will go next year;sounds fun and I used to love it!!!

merathon said...

"This must be what hell is like." so well said! :)

did they have the deep fried butter? that is the one that REALLY makes me want to heave!

Emily Anne said...

your mom's comment made me smile and smile.

as always, love your words, jordan.

Miss Ash said...

Whoa! That squash carving is amazing!