Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple Pickin

Three years now we've been dropping in on the Orchard at Millstone Creek.  Here's a glimpse at our visit two years ago.  They have good apples, yes, but we were late (or was it the apples that were early?) this year so the pickings were slim really high up.  

Don't tell, but we didn't mind a bit because we go for the fresh squeezed apple juice slushies and the FOUR tall tire swings.

We had the place to ourselves on this particular afterschool activity.

The apples were small but the company made up for that in a big way.

I think we'll drop in for a fourth (maybe a few weeks earlier so we can catch the Honeycrisps).


Katharine said...

Being raised in NY, apple picking is one of the things that means fall has come. I am so glad to find out that there is an apple orchard near the triangle! It's hard enough on my brain to deal with shorts in October, apple picking (next year) will make me feel better! How far away is Siler City? If I ever actually went to the zoo I might know :)

Brooke said...

Such a fun day. We went for the first time last week on a homeschool field trip, but the drought in Texas has been so severe there were hardly any apples. Still a charming day though, and certainly evokes the feel of fall.

madsta said...

Who's baby is that?! he's beautiful!

My 80 something grandma was round a few weeks ago, I looked out the window to see her whacking our apple tree with her walking stick too bring them down, it was quite a sight.

The Original Mangums said...

Looks like so much fun and they taste so good!