Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Relishing the Last of the Rascalians


Kurt Knudsen said...

Av looks contented to have the house AND toys to herself.

kelly said...

same story here, just different scenery

Shepherd Family ACALP said...

I have been in love with your table for AGES... it is my dream table...What is the story behind it?

Coco said...

Dear Jordan,
I am not sure if you received the two emails I sent you, but just in case you did not, I wanted to reach out to you one last time. I am one of the authors of an introductory psychology textbook being created for Worth Publishers. The authors and editors were so captivated by Lucy's shark story (and impressed with her emotional maturity)that we would like to feature it in the book. If you have any interest in being interviewed for the purposes of this project, please contact me via email or phone. I can answer any questions you may have when we talk. Wishing the best to you and your family.


Coco Ballantyne