Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"She's Practically Famous"

That's what a young girl said to me after chatting with Lucy at the Science Museum yesterday.  We've all been surprised at the nationwide (and even across the pond) reverberation her story has caused.

I asked her this morning what she thought about all the attention.
She takes it just as she has her run-in with the shark.  With a quiet acceptance.  Very quiet.  In fact, both my mom and I noticed in the hospital that she began to almost whisper when she spoke.  Maybe this is her way of respecting the incident.

When something like this happens, meaning, something that has only happened in your worst nightmares, it demands respect.  Respect for the life you've been allotted, and humility at its delicate balance.

We changed Lucy's bandages yesterday afternoon after her bath.  Though it has been two weeks, when I see those stitched seams uncovered on her little leg, I can't help but imagine those misguided jaws.  Then a wave of gratitude comes over me that he left everything behind.  All her muscles, skin, and tissue were there to piece back together.  No broken bone, no severed nerves.  It is a miracle.

I've seen Lucy in a different light of late.  I wrote an email to my sister this morning describing it.  Lucy is being prepared, for what, I don't know.  But his is part of her preparation.  And on an infinite scale, age means nothing.  All the headlines read "6-year-old girl", but to her Heavenly Father she is an eternal being whom he has known from before birth and into her mature years.  He knows her better than I.  He knew she could bear this and that though her leg and it's very structure was frightfully weakened, she will come out strong.  Stronger!  God is always good.  He is always there.  He knows us each.

Even when our scars are made and healed out of the spotlight in the privacy of our seemingly small simple lives, He is there.  I have Lucy to thank for the reassurance of this knowledge.  Each morning when she wakes, the last of the four rascals to do so, and calls my name to lift her from her bed and join us downstairs for breakfast, I remember how truly big her life is and how many other lives are in our power to touch.


Jessica said...

She inherited your peace (which is your mom's peace). It's beautiful to see.

SaraB said...

You already know this, but I am still in awe at how you've moved forward, focused on the positive and been an example of strength to us all.

Beautiful words. Always beautiful words. These were especially touching this morning.

Miss you.

madsta said...

What a beatiful, dilligent mama and daughter- I have to admit I am "across the pond" in london, and I saw a couple of small pieces about Lucy in the newspapers,

olivia said...

b e a u t i f u l

thoughts + images

Kurt Knudsen said...

So well said, dear Jordan. Love the photo of you and Lucy after the bath/wound change.
It was fun to see her on the floor rolling billiard balls with the unbit bunch over here today. She holds her own, that girl.

Rebecca said...

Often when I read your posts I want to privately write you, not to all of blogland. But lately I have realized that all of blogland and beyond need each other. It is weird that we need you to comfort us, probably because then we know you are doing all right yourself. I am grateful beyond words that another generation, Lucy, gets it. She just knows the bigger picture all ready. She knows what is, is right. She knows God is there and by realizing that she has, as you said, great power to touch lives. And so does her mom!

The Original Mangums said...

Words, not my best gift! How grateful we are, how thankful we are, how in awe of the love of our Heavenly Father we are. We love you six - it has been a trying two weeks for the whole family - but you have made it thru!

Becky said...

She totally is. I was telling my mother in-law, "this woman's (whose blog I follow) daughter was bit by a shark!" And she says, "Oh, I think I saw that on the news!"

I thought it was really crazy that she knew about it.

Amy Lynne said...

I am so happy that you all are moving forward so very well. I too believe everything happens for a reason! I hope Miss Lucy continues to heal and grow stronger!

Lisa said...

I came to your BLOG from your sister's. We live in NC so I have been following your story for a while now.

What you said about God knowing Lucy as an eternal being took my breath away. How very true this is.

We have been and will continue to be in prayers for your family.

Cherie said...

The entire Juarez fam in Provo thanks you, Jordan & Lucy for sharing! Those teeth-mark scars are SO much more literal than any of us had imagined! Yet, what amazing 'Badges of Courage' for strong sweet Lucy! (Even Ashton left his Lego creating long enough to come over and comment on how much he loves her smile, and how GREAT it is to see it - in spite of all she's been through... : )

Nicole said...

She is an amazing daughter of an amazing mother!