Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Must Always Have A Good Goal on the Horizon


Sunday, before church, the four rascals and I sat down to set personal goals.  Meaning, I told each of them what their goals would be and how to reach them.  Here they are in order:

Seth: a goal to read three chapter books before school starts on August 25th.

Lucy: to enroll in a ballet class by her 7th birthday on March 3, 2012

Hazel: learn her ABCs, numbers 1-20, and shapes and colors before preschool starts on September 6

Avery: to speak instead of scream

Then, in the car on our way to worship, Lucy came up with a goal for me:

Jordan: to cook everyday

Seth pronounced his Dad's goal:

Dr. Gooch: to exercise or take less naps

I call these portraits, monkey shots.  Because they look like monkeys.  I shot these in Duke Forest on a short hike we took with the kids the day before we left for that infamous last trip to the Outer Banks.  

*Two caveats:  that will not be our "for reals" last trip to the Outer Banks and also Dr. Gooch is not a napper but often "naps" after night shifts wherein I perpetually hush the rascals which they do not enjoy.

What is your goal?


Derek and Ceri Steele said...

To be more patient. Sigh! I am sure this will be a life long goal. Glad to see your family doing well.

TX Girl said...

Very strange! Avery and I have the same goal.

chanel said...

These are great goals and I LOVE the monkey photos. They remind me of this post from my blog:

I think your kids might enjoy the photos too!

Clara said...

I hope to be more organized and enjoy the little moments. My littles are going to be in second and third grade. I want to slow things down.

The Original Mangums said...

Love the goals, especially the cooking every night! Mine - be less critical and to read the BoM at least one more time before going home in Feb (hopefully twice).

Tracy said...

To run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon at the Santa Barbara Marathon this November.

Ingrid said...

To be more like faith and courage.

Jordan said...

Very good goals!