Friday, August 26, 2011

A Good Beginning: 2011-12 Rascal School Year

Lucy, First Day of First Grade

Seth, First Day of Third Grade

The whole gang of rascals.

Avery will be my mini buddy this school year.  I'm thrilled about that.  She's great company.  Hazel asks me all day long if today is her first day of school--every day.  No, she doesn't start preschool until after Labor Day.  We all wish it were sooner.  She has enough enthusiasm for the whole block.

Our First Day was a circus getting these two to class.  I parked illegally in a handicap spot because there was no where else to park (what does it take to get one of those tags anyway?).  And we are seriously handicapped.  Not just because Lucy was rolled into first grade in a wheelchair.  But we also forgot Avery's shoes which meant I had to carry her.  We were handicapped because I overstuffed their backpacks with composition books and Clorox Wipes because that meant less for me to carry, so Seth could barely walk but he carried Lucy's crutches in anyway.  Hazel was a star and agreed to shoulder Lucy's backpack but it tipped her over literally twice in the hallway almost knocking over another student.  We made it though.  I tore myself away from Lucy's worried eyes and Avery announced,

"Now there's only THREE kids!"

As we made our way to Seth's class he made sure I had included his planner and his lunch in his backpack.  Yes, I did.  He is old hat at this and I'm glad for that.  We left him at his seat content to be back to the structure of school.

"Now there's only TWO kids!", interjects Avery.

Yes, and with those two we headed home and listened to Hazel moan about wanting to start school NOW until 3:00 when it was time to pick them up.

They were all smiles and good reports.

Man, I needed that: a First Day of School without a hitch! (well, mostly)


TX Girl said...

I find comfort in knowing we weren't the only freak show on the first day of school. Although I only have 2 kids and neither of them have crutches, so I'm not quite sure what that says about us.

Your doctor can write you a prescription for a temporary handicap pass. You usually get it where you register your car.

olivia said...


Lucky to be the mom said...

Jordan, you've got to get a handicap parking pass! I don't know how much the requirements vary from state to state but it's a very simple process! A must do!

I just got an email this morning from Katherine saying that Lucy was in school :) she's a trooper. No one is going to be able to top her "what did you do this summer" story!!!

Enjoying your little buddy time :) it's a sweet opportunity.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Good Job, Jordan!

merathon said...

just read the post about the break-in... i think you it's time you got a break from "incidents" for a while!

this post sounds exactly like the post i wrote when we started school last week (except of course yours is much more eloquent). my two kids going to first and third grade and one asking when she gets to go to school because she has to wait till after labor day!

we just got back from patrick's work retreat in sundance and we saw your dad's stars for sale there! love it!

Tasha said...

They are darling as always! What a way to start the "What I did over summer vacation" essay for Lucy!

Ann said...

I love those first-day-of-school stories. Glad yours was uneventful!

chaksmix said...

You need to talk your school into what the schools in my area do- drop off for the school supplies a night or two before classes start. Saves all those heavy backpacks!

SummerFlowers said...

loved seeing photos of lucy on her first day back to school! i hope and pray she is doing well. give her a big hug from summer flowers :)