Saturday, July 23, 2011

That Shark's Mom Taught Him Well

I hear it is really hot outside right now.  Haven't been out for days. Our last outing was when we left the PICU and our favorite nurse, Courtney, took Lucy on a tour to see the newborn babies, the biggest elevator in the world and the fish tank.  I loved the sun on Lucy's face.

 Lucy had a dream last night.

"I had a dream I was walking.  Right here in my room.  And you said, 'let's go home!'  And we went outside to wake up Dad in the car and I said, 'I'm walking! I'm walking!'  And he said, 'Let's go home!' And we did.  We saw Grandma and Grandpa and Seth and Hazel and Avery and we had a big party."

A good dream.  I had a dream that there was lots of beeping (four different varieties) and nurses.  No, that really happened.  Dr. Gooch finally gave up on trying to sleep in and around the hospital and crashed at a local church member's house.  He slept well, I think.  Yay for a rested Dad.

We have a weekend ahead of just resting and watching.  Infection is the biggest concern at this point.

I sent this email update Friday morning as Lucy slept after her second surgery at 7:30am.

Dear Family,

Just a brief update on our tiny survivor.  She just got out of surgery about 1 1/2 hours ago.  She is doing well, in and out of sleep right now.  The surgery was about two hours long this time, once they got started.  Craig was able to get permission to pop in and take some pictures of the raw wound after they put her under and before beginning the surgery.  The pictures are...horrifying, in my opinion.  They show that the shark bit once around the ankle and foot and once above the ankle around the lower leg.  Our surgeon, know for his meticulous work, said last time and this time how lucky Lucy is.  There are many many reasons why.  These are the surgical ones:

The first is that the skin, soft tissue, muscle, tendon, and the posterior tibial artery were all torn through but the nerves were left unharmed the bite ended a fraction of a millimeter from the nerve, actually penetrating the perineurium (the sheath that covers the nerve).  What does this mean?  I asked and Dr. Zeri said that if she had damaged those nerves she would have had to amputate that portion of her leg.  Today was the first either Craig or I had heard of this.

The second is that she did not lose more blood than she did because that artery (which he repaired under a microscope early on Wednesday morning) is one of the main arteries in the leg.  

Anesthesia does a number on how you feel generally (besides the surgery site itself) and Lucy was feeling pretty emotional and yuck right after.  She asked me if I (her mother) would die before she could get all better.  I kissed her, reassuring her that that she would recover far sooner than that!!  Then she worried that I would "catch" what she had if I kissed her.   She doesn't like the idea of a wheelchair but doesn't want to walk either.  Could you come up with a temporary flying machine, Mark? She is thinking all of this through and working it out in her mind.

So are we.

We will stay through the weekend at the hospital and her surgeon will check her progress Monday and change the dressing on her leg with the hopes of sending us home to begin the recovery ahead of Lucy Lu and her family.

Your love, prayers, and help are keeping us afloat.  Mom and Dad for taking on the other three and tending tenderly to them at this confusing time.  For meals from Tuttles and for taking the kids for a fun day out and giving G&G a break.  For your calls.  I love your calls and messages and emails (and COOL sign for her room)--I read every one and try to respond when I can.  For cards and gifts for Lucy and food for us.  For being there.  For being family.

That shark tried two bites before deciding he didn't like Lucy for dinner!

Miracles in the house.

We're not taking a lot of visitors but there were a few special people that were anxious to see Lucy.

 Three super cute eyewitnesses

Grandma, who brought Lucy one of her famous stained glass star necklaces for her own and has, with my Dad, been taking care of EVERYTHING back at the homestead.  Angels.

The Tuttles, who were just where they were meant to be (with us on the beach).  They were happy to get a new picture of Lucy in their minds.  We love the Tuttles.

Also, not pictured, Nana and Papa, who are sending supersonic missionary blessings (the best kind) our way all the way from Winter Quarter's in Omaha, NE.


Clara said...

Thank you for the update. I will continue to send prayers your way. I have worried so much about your little family. But, your family and friends are so wonderful. What a blessing!

Katrina said...

Wow, just read your account of what happened and this update. Totally made me cry. You are all so brave! And what a miracle that her nerves are intact. Wow. Been thinking about you all week and saying prayers for you guys. Hope you get to go home Monday!

Kate Giovinco Photography said...

I love to see that beautiful smile. So happy Lucy is feeling a bit better and you are surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.

prayers to everyone.

Natasha said...

Oh my goodness, we saw the story on the news here in NOLA but I didn't put it together that this was YOU! I think the PICU is just about the worst place, as a mother, that I have ever been. At least you can have visitors. When my Luci was in the PICU last year my other child wasn't even allowed a visit, at at Children's Hosp in New Olreans parents aren't allowed to sleep in the rooms with there child if they are in ICU.

I am so sorry this happened and thankful it wasn't worse. You have a trooper there!

shadesofblue said...

God is love!. God s good! Prayers from Texas are going straight to the ear of God for y'alls family.!!!!!

The Original Mangums said...

So glad the children got to see Lucy, it had to be very hard on them to have to remember what she looked like at the Beach! Life is good and getting better all the time. Prayers are answered by a loving Heavenly Father and a very weary Guardian Angel (she will probably require a months vacation!

kera said...

so glad this update appears to be on the up & up....not that she & all of you don't have months of recovery ahead of you but that God spared her life AND leg!! continuing to send lots of prayers your way and hoping monday is a GO for home!! hugs!!

Mary Ann said...

You are all in our prayers. What an unbelievable ordeal. Your stories point out just how special Lucy is!

Unknown said...

Beaming buckets and armloads of Happy Thoughts your way. Be well, Lucy!

Ada Bowler said...

Jordan, I'm a friend of Sara Bateman's, and linked to your blog through hers. Just wanted to let you know we are also keeping Lucy in our prayers. Here's to a speedy and whole recovery!

Ada Bowler

Felicia said...

We put Lucy's name on the prayer rolls of the Dallas Temple on Saturday. We pray that you all will be strengthened and given peace at this time. What a brave little girl. We just watched the weather channel report about her and all laughed at her remark about not liking sharks to much but dolphins are ok!

Amy said...

We were at our beach house in Nags Head last week. We love Ocracoke (honeymooned there). We read about your story and have been praying for your baby every night during family prayer. My children have continually asked about her. I found your blog thru the dill spiel that i only check occasionally. Just showed them these pictures! So happy to know she will be ok. Sending more love and prayers from VA.

motherof5 said...

So glad to read this.
Out thoughts with you.

Jill said...

What a miracle that the shark didn't hit the nerve!!

Raesha D said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and I was so happy to read that surgeries went well and Lucy is now home. I'm an old seminary student of your Dad's in Albuquerque:) I'll continue praying for a speedy recovery for Miss Lucy.

e.r.a. said...

What an incredible story. I can't stop reading. Prayers to you and your family and brave Lucy on her recovery. You inspire!

Kathlene said...

Sorry so late but I just read of your sweet little one's ordeal...yet another example of miracles granted by a loving Father in Heaven. What a story she will have to tell her grandchildren. Blessings to your sweet family. Hugs, Kathy