Thursday, July 07, 2011


pretty houses, the prettiest roses I've ever seen

ride out to Sankaty Lighthouse

We spotted a seal then swam with him later.  Can you see it?

I'll remember sleeping in.  I'll remember how cozy it feels on an island where, really, it's impossible to get lost.  I'll remember Dr. Gooch's greasy hands from reattaching my bike chain.  I'll remember how cold the Atlantic is that far North.  I'll remember how he didn't think about work once and how I thought about our children the whole time.  Seth would have loved the lighthouses.  Lucy and Hazel would have gone gaga over the roses and hydrangea EVERYWHERE.  Avery would have had about five Watermelon Creams and then begged for more. 

Someday I hope to return with our four rascals and make some more of these memories with them.  Hopefully it won't be another 13 years, though...after this you might appreciate a lengthy break.


Emily said...

No need for a break! The photos are beautiful and it's so fun to get a glimpse of such a wonderful trip. Go back next year! :)

TX Girl said...

I've never been to Nantucket, but after seeing these photos and hearing about your adventures.. sign me up!

madsta said...

I am so green eyed right now! (actually my eyes are actually green) I think I want to go to here more than I want to go to hawaii, and thats a big thing :)