Sunday, July 03, 2011

3 Big B's For Our Boy

A Baptism:

A Birthday:

And...A Bomb!

Seth had a few requests for his birthday.  Salmon, broccoli soup, and a fruit salad for dinner and a round chocolate cake that said "8 is Gr8t".   Catching on to his latest obsession, I enlisted his Dad's help in constructing a pinata in the shape of a bomb, with much encouragement (and diluted glue) Dr. Gooch made the first ever indestructible pinata.  It was a big...hit.  We finally put Uncle Tom up to bat to help initiate explosion.  At last the munchies appeared in the mulch and we could all rest easy.

So many people came from so far.  I was touched.  Dr. Gooch's sister from Ohio drove with her two girls 9 hours for the big day and had to head back (another 9 hours) only two days later.  The Louisiana brothers, Brent and Aaron, battled airport delays in the Bayou finally arriving at 3am the morning of the baptism.  And the DC Joneses drove 6!  No one is not busy, especially in June.  There were deaths, and dance recitals, and distance, and dirt bikes. and plain old duty calling that kept many of our dear ones from celebrating with us.  I saw in Seth the delight at those who were able to gather in his honor.  Thank you.  You made his day and ours in turn.


Jessica said...

Congrats to Seth! What a wonderful celebration.

Kurt Knudsen said...