Friday, June 10, 2011

Before the week ends...

Deciding the importance of seeing a spouse every day, even just a little.
Dreaming of a pool right in my own backyard.
Craving tomato jam.
Hearing someone kicking around upstairs, still.
Wanting new windows for the whole house.
Planning for two trips and impending guests to fill up our June.
Wearing a new breezy skirt with low deep and loose pockets.
Hanging picture frames.
Admiring my new paint job in the bathroom downstairs.
Wishing we could have twice as many guests coming to fill up our June.
Thinking of Janna and Katy who are about to have babies.
Keeping my spoon out of that hot fudge in the fridge (Tony says "no")


The Original Mangums said...

Wishing and dreaming of being one of your guest in June; knowing it is impossible, wishing for the impossible! Sure love you, we will be thinking of you and wising we were there. We sure love our Seth!

Tasha said...

I am dreaming of summer vacations and guests too...