Monday, May 23, 2011

They Taught Us To Fly

Orville and Wilbur Wright were brothers.  They owned a bicycle shop but dreamed of flying.  They searched and searched for the perfect spot to become like birds.  The Outer Banks was that perfect spot.  In Kitty Hawk not far from the sand dunes, there was oodles of space and lots of wind.  Still, to this day, 108 years later, there is oodles of space and lots of wind!

 They built a plane using tools from the bicycle shop.  They tried and tried again to get it airborne using their own money.  When they ran out of money they would go back to run the shop until they had enough to try again.  The first flight was only 12 seconds and 120 feet long.  

The original "monorail" from which The Flyer was balanced and launched, December 17, 1903.

1st attempt at flight: 12 seconds, 120 ft.

2nd attempt at flight: 175 ft

3rd flight: 200 ft.

4th and Last flight: 

After this last flight, heavy gusts picked up The Flyer, tumbled it and damaged it beyond quick repair and was never flown again.  2 years later with a new flyer Wilbur made a 39 minute circular flight.

Hanging in the Hangar

View from Hangar of first three attempt markers.

Wilbur and Lucy

Seth and cheering man.

Orville pushing The Flyer while Avery hangs on.

Pilot Seth.

The whole flight crew (with one behind the camera).

Moral of the story?

Dream big.
Use the tools you've been given.
Have someone else there to steady your wings.
Wind at your back.
Even a few feet is flying.
Never give up.


Rebecca said...

Such great photos. Love the one, two, three, four!

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sara b said...

I want to say something bright and clever but I can't get over your windblown hair, billowy blouse and the-perfect-shade-of-orange-skirt sandwiched between four beautiful children.

You are something out of a magazine....a really cool and pretty inspiring magazine.

p.s. We thought that place was pretty amazing when we visited the OBX.

sara b said...
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The Original Mangums said...

Haven't been, want to go! Love the pictures!

Mark said...

Well captured emotion Jordan. I love the moral of this story, inspirational to be sure. Love you guys. Dream big & never give up.