Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tangled in Memories

There are so many things I want to remember about this photo.  First, how when I put her down to bed here, she asked me, "Can I let down my hair?" and then watching her fling the scarf off the side of the bed, making sure it was still carefully tucked under her head.  It IS her hair.  She takes it everywhere, and at night she "lets it down".

I want to remember her first obsession: Rapunzel's hair.

Look how light it is outside!!  It stays light so late, it is nearly 9 o'clock before it is really dark out.  Here, it was only 6 o'clock.

I want to remember how freakin' early I put my kids to bed.  It is sometimes the only sanity a mother of four close in a row children can get.  At least, for me.

See her thumb stuck in her mouth?  She is our only one to suck the thumb.  I love it.  I've loved it since before she even knew she was doing it.  That itty bitty thumb.  The thumb is bigger now and so is her overbite.  Dr. Gooch encourages her to "take out your thumb, it is bad for your teeth."  And she does, but begs to replace it again.

I want to remember these thumb-sucking years.

I want to remember the sweaty heads of recent sleep.

I want to remember the pear green walls in this room (because they'll probably change soon).

I want to remember how Seth moved out of this room to be with his 3 sisters upstairs (because that won't last long either).

I want to remember the view out the windows of the vegetable garden boxes.

I want to remember how smitten Dr. Gooch is with this one and how he snuck in to take photos of her this particular day.

I want to remember it all.


Arbon Family said...

Love this post! Still obsessed with the hair.. So cute. Also - LOVED the tooth idea... way better than lame change.

Suzie said...

yes, commit it to memory!

Tasha said...

And this is why we remember it all...

Jeni said...

So sweet. She reminds me so much of Calyn. The thumb sucking. Rapunzel hair. Last night as the kids were fighting over who was going to sit in my lap, I had to remind myself that one day I'll miss these days when my kids are little. And that someday, they won't be fighting to sit on my lap anymore...

The Original Mangums said...

Beautiful Memories!

Bloom said...

I know these feelings.
I love these words.


Ashley Thalman said...

I especially love, "sweaty heads of recent sleep".