Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my angle of repose

has and always will be this man.  in fact to be sure he is the only one I obey when a request to "blog" is made.  that request was made tonight.

you know him, if you know him, as a spunky, ever-friendly, ever-willing, nice guy who wears funky socks and shoes in primary colors.

he is all those things.  but those things are not what another being finds repose in.  finding repose in a relationship is one of life's great conquests.

he is the most sensible human being i've ever met.  he doesn't deal in fetishes or agendas or grudges or guilt.  he gets compromise and sacrifice.  he's quiet when one should remain quiet. he speaks up when there is something important to say.  he is socially adept and sincerely serves.

I began writing a poem for Dr. Gooch early in our first year of marriage and continued to add to it as we had our first then second child.  it's the only love poem I've ever written.  i don't believe it is a genre in which I have any particular skill.

here is a version now with a fresh last verse.  i also changed the title.  it was originally named Panacea.  happy birthday (yesterday), Dr. Gooch.

Choosing you

Impatience ruled when I looked for you
Preparation's plate was turned
Towards Truth.
You had eyes like armchairs, I learned.

I once ached for tomorrow's cup,
Ignoring today's that runneth...where?
Then, your mouth at poetry's wall rose up
To spread stars across my lips pair.

'Til on horizon warm sun lands,
Waking was always all rush of head.
Now, my bed warms with hands
Clothed by my skins thread.

A thousand times in cool grass,
You recreate my life again
And take my breath like glacier glass,
Holding me in love's eternal grin.

When entered you with box and ring,
My soul unfolded like poppy bloom,
I felt my skin and being sing,
And you, my love, became my groom.

Then sorrow's sweetest joy
Gave your guileless heart
For perfection four: three girls one boy
Six: never to be drawn apart.


Rebecca said...

A beautiful and fitting tribute to an amazing man and I add mine tohis most talented wife!

Kurt Knudsen said...

He's all that and more. Well said, Jordan!

Annie said...

That was beautiful, all of it. Love's eternal grin indeed. :)

I can't remember if I've commented before (maybe once?) but I've been enjoying your blog for several months and love it. Plus, Angle of Repose is one of my all-time favorite reads.

TX Girl said...

happy happy dr. gooch! y'all are like two peas snug in a pod.