Thursday, May 05, 2011

Last Born Lola: 3 Today!

One-year check up.

Maple View Farms

Eno River

Cicada Cottage

Nag's Head Pier, Outer Banks

Millstone Creek Orchard

Avery will only ever know her home in North Carolina.  Our first picture of her here is of a tiny, 7-week little self in the middle of the empty living room of our rental.  There, she learned to eat, talk, walk, and charm the rest of the family.  Only her newborn photos picture her in her birthplace.  

Avery was born in the early hours of Cinco De Mayo in Phoenix, AZ.  These Hispanic nuances prompted her middle name "Lola" which means strong woman.  "Avery" means little bird.  The only one of the four to announce her impending arrival with a burst of water.  In the middle of the night, she held on until I could devour one of the parfaits I had made the day before.  Then we packed up for the hospital where I paced the halls until she was ready to push into the world au naturale.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  

 Since then, she has had the privilege of holding and keeping the post of "baby".  Just this morning, at breakfast, Seth rushed to her side to cut up her birthday waffles.  After he finished this tender task he grabbed her by the cheeks and cooed, "Is that good, baby?"  Every other child, as they turned three, had to share the spotlight with a new walker in the house that commandeered the bulk of the available store of attention.  When Seth, the oldest turned three, he, as well as his two younger sisters, was still in diapers.  Talk about sharing the spotlight!

Not Avery.  Everyone is happy to share with Avery.  But things are changing.  She has been wearing underwear during the day, but still waking up with a wet diaper in the morning.  This morning though, Avery had a gift of her own to give on this day of her birth.  Dr. Gooch noticed she had been put to bed in her underwear instead of a diaper (oops).  Miracle of miracles, the underwear was dry!!  

The gift of never having to buy another giant box of diapers.  This is a great gift.

Avery now falls in line seamlessly with what the older others are doing.  There is no special seating, or sleeping, or bathing arrangements.  They are a foursome if there ever was one.  Pulling faces, fits, and fights with the best of 'em.  

Yet, I have a feeling.  There is something about this Strong Little Bird that tells me she'll also command a tad more of our attention.   That Seth will always grab her cheeks and call her "baby".  Because, she is.

My baby.


madsta said...

she is beautiful, happy birthday to her.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Avery! Wish we were in town to celebrate with her, we will make it up next week.

Ann said...

Happy birthday ALM!

The Original Mangums said...

Happy Birthday Avery, we sure love you.

Rebecca said...

And what a celebration! Happy day to Avery.