Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There are two lovely families here that we knew from our four years in New Orleans, LA.  They came over Monday night for soup, a fireside lesson, s'mores, and general chit chat and runaround.  It was delightful.  That little fire pit in the corner of the CC is a guaranteed good time.  I don't know why we don't light 'er up more often.

The head chief is instructing all the little indians the "rules of the pit".  Stuff like, dance around wildly as close to the fire as possible, poke really long sticks in the coals then wave it in the air near babies and other peoples faces, oh, and always put greenery in because everyone loves more smoke.

Sun-dappled natives.

The boy ones.

Two squaws mesmerized.

Holy cute.


Heidi said...

So fun! Thanks again!

Jessica said...

Great fire pit rules! I especially love the wave a stick around babies and people's faces. Kids.

Ingrid said...

Oh I love this and I love all your families!!! Good times!