Friday, April 01, 2011

A Strange Life

This morning:

I was still in bed.  Tired to be sure.  Dr. Gooch was not yet home from a night shift in the ED.  Lucy, who is newly six, came in with a complaint from across the hall.  I invited her to climb into the cozy.  She lay there for a moment then pronounced:

"I have a strange life, Mom."

Me: "Why is that?"
Lucy: "Well, because I'm the best drawer in my family.  And, um, also I am the last kid to wake up in the morning."
Me:  "That is strange."
Lucy:  "Do you have a strange life too, Mom?"
Me:  "I think everyone feels that way."
Lucy: "Tell me about your strange life."

Oh, Lucy, where do I begin.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Strange indeed.

The Original Mangums said...

Strange, wonderful, exciting, unexpected, just simply wonderful! Don't kids just make it a "walk in the park?"

Tasha said...


buddens said...

that is so adorable! my daughter will be six in a few months. i love this age.

Rebekah V. said...

i think I will be chuckling about this throughout the day.

Robin Mangum said...


Oh how we miss you guys. I'm not just saying that either. If money were no object we would frequent your area more day, right?!qu