Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Shots from the Shore"


A fire left a colorful sound-side scene:

Lighthouse Love:

Beached anew:

 Fish Tacos:

The Sailboat Dr. Gooch is jonesin' to fix up:

 Ride with friends on a Carolina Skiff:

 Down at the dock in Duck:


"Captured at the Cabin"


Sox said...

yes. for 48 hours. and i miss it.

Rebecca said...

Look so yummy, that sand.

Hiring said...

Amazing pics!!!!

Kurt Knudsen said...


Suzie said...

beautiful photography!

The Original Mangums said...

Great vacation, am happy for you!

sara b said...

Seeing this images is almost as good as being there...almost.

My favorite is the ones of your kids lined up against the fence post at the light house. What a beautiful bunch!

Rebekah V. said...

Just all so lovely.

Jac's Mum said...

I am liking your headscarf in the last pic (plus the kisses for mama!) - re- the print of the fabric - it looks a bit Liberty?

Susannah said...

The Surf Side hotel...I know it well! And I caught the Mama Kwan's cup, too. If you and the Dr ever have a chance to go out alone, the Colington Cafe and 1587 are two great restaurants (the former is more affordable). Lucy looks so grown up in that one picture.