Thursday, March 10, 2011

"That Cool Game"


"pull out the big guns"?


Cousin Cohen

The teams are girls against boys, naturally.  
Every player has 5-7 slips of paper.  
On each, they may write ANYTHING. 
 The game begins when all slips of paper are folded in half and placed in a bowl.  
The FIRST ROUND consists of describing whatever is written until you team members guess.
You have 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds the next player, from the opposing team repeats the above.
Until all slips have been guessed.
One point per correct guess.
The SECOND ROUND uses the same slips with the same things written.
Only this time only 3 words may be used to describe them.
THIRD ROUND only one word.
FOURTH and FINAL ROUND no words, (or noises) only actions.

By now, the players are familiar with what is written on the slips of paper.
What ensues is hilarious beyond words. ;)

It is "That Cool Game", term coined by my mom.
Just add friends, family and a Sunday evening.


Becky said...

How fun! I want to have fun parties when we have a big enough place.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Thanks for the fond mammaries...

Ben said...

Actually it wasn't "hippy" it was "samuel the lamanite"

Ann said...

I love dad's expression in the first photo. It makes me miss playing games with him!

robin said...

family game time is the best. and this game is definitely cool. we love it, too!

sara b said...

Your dad's face in that first pic is killing me.
This sounds like a blast!
But not as fun as dancing in that same dining room to old Tiffany songs.
Almost...but not.

Miss you.

Tasha said...

Loved your dad giving himself a mammogram! I want to live in your neighborhood and play games on Sunday after eating something you've cooked...

kelly said...

i love these photos. captured the family fun so nicely. and that baby is ceeeute. and i'm jealous the vaiseys will be your neighbors in T minus 2 months. completely jealous.