Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Right Now at CC

Free: three rascal-sized bikes from a co-worker
Finally: learning to ride a bike.

Found: Pair of Italian, turn of the century, ceramic, yellow-glazed candlesticks at the antique shop down the road.  Love at first sight!

Ferns: taking refuge from a few frozen nights.  

Fixing: Up the now-empty guest suite, fresh paint and new moulding

Fresh: new addition to the dining room, I love me some shelf space for display (of utilitarian objects, of course)

Frowns: on silly (dirty) rascal faces finishing lunch.

Filled: sink, with jasmine vine.  No more babies to bath in the kitchen sink, so we bath the potted plants.


Ann said...

Looks like life is full and filling!

olivia said...

love love your clever alliteration!

Rebekah V. said...

i love me some angle of repose.

The Editor said...

The green fluffy dip stuff on the plate looks like the avocado blended with pesto that a our house guest, a certain Q. Gooch made for us just last weekend. Are you somehow related? Oh, and we love YOUR soon-to-be houseguest, Lara!