Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lucile Fae is Six Today!

On The Cusp of Spring, was an appropriate time for your birth.  Spring is bold, the way bright, beefy flowers POP! out of the ground so dramatically.  There is no holding back, the blooms are abundant and so has been your joy, always.  You are a happy girl.  Nothing much gets you down except the disapproval of your parents.  We try to hand that out sparingly as you take it straight to heart.  

Some may take your pronunciations as hyperbolic.  Like when you crawled into my crouched lap in the kitchen and said, "I know what I want for my birthday!!"
"What?!", I asked, worried for I had already done the birthday shopping.
"All I want is your love!"
You have it, darling daughter.

But I believe your sensational statements.  Because, we are much alike.   

But there is so much that makes you unique.  You don't like meat, especially hot dogs.  Unlike your other three siblings, your voice is extra high and comes out like honey.  You give sincere praise to your sisters and brother, a rare gift in someone so young.  You are very difficult when you are sick, but don't get sick often.  You love fruit but not blueberries.  You are drawn to animals.  You know what you want and are decisive.  You are carefree.  You love to tie things together and hang and tape things up everywhere.   You were an irresistibly cute baby and a lovely little girl.  You are not needy, but prefer extra independence.  You love pancakes! And you always do your best!

You are six-years-old today.  

I love Lucy.


madsta said...

She's beautiful! happy birthday to her, it's been nearly 11 years since I've been six, but I remember is as being awesome :)x

Kurt Knudsen said...


Ingrid said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! I recall meeting you in the hospital the day you were born. You are still so beautiful and charming.

Jordan, is your name carved into that chair? Love it!

sara b said...

Happy birthday to Lucy Lou! We think she is pretty great!!

The Original Mangums said...

Happy Birthday to you, Lucy! You are specail in every way and we sure love you!

Panooch said...

Happy B-day to our favorite Lucy!! xoxoxo

Tasha said...

Where did you get that cute candle?