Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Family Dinner, Al Fresco

A February Fire in the backyard of our backyard.  
Do you yearn for the usual?  Is it strange that I yearn for variety?  One night last week, I stood in the kitchen and told Dr. Gooch that, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a fire tonight?"  My wish, apparently, is his command.  Before I knew it the grass and kindling had already been stacked by Seth and lit by Lucy.  We found ourselves around the pit of fire in the forest at CC.

Hazel, deep in thought in plaid and polka dot.

Smoking grass got it going nicely.

Avery with the Aerobie in jammies and jacket.

Piles of leaves become magic.

Roaring and so warm.

Me and my rascals four.

Two pups in the pit.

Picture of my happiness.

Mmmm.  Toasted.

Out.  And no dirty dishes.


liz canaan roberts said...

looks perfect. the weather here (in Utah) is finally starting to welcome these kinds of outings. today is particularly lovely. hello March!

anna said...

This post has stuck in my mind - I also crave variety. I have a husband who loves routine. I guess we balance each other. But I am sure he just shakes his head at some of my spontaneous plans. Your dinner looks so fun!