Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Angle of Disney: an unsolicited opinion

Does it look like we just woke up?  Because we did.  We opened and closed nearly every park in that place.  Did I love it?  Yes.  Do I want to go back?  No.  Did I feel the magic?  Yes.  Did we have a walloping good time?  Yes.

Dr. Gooch spoke often of endurance, comparing our outings to Lance Armstrong's cycling feats.  I've never eaten worse food.  Even I was convinced these Princesses were the real McCoy.  

Hazel wondered why Woody didn't say anything.  Lucy asked Belle where the Beast was ("Why, he's in my castle!").  Avery was fascinated by Donald's Fur.  And Goofy was taller than Gooch.  But, Mary Poppins WAS practically perfect in every way.  Her parasol even wispered her a secret which she then relayed to the rascals.

We breakfasted with the princesses, and ate one snack a day.  Hazel kept begging to go back to the hotel to play.  We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

Things I wouldn't change:
Staying on "campus"
Traveling with another family (lovely Arnie and Molly)
Using Mouse Savers and getting free meal plans with our tickets
Taking advantage of the RideMax Software to plan out each day
Bringing ponchos
FastPass! And Parent Switch!
Going in February
warm weather

There was a superfluous amount of in between time.  We filled it with...

Lucy mapping out her fave attractions

Cookie for the shorty under forty (inches).

Intergalactic Hitchhiker.

Collecting germs on handrails and chains of all shapes and sizes.

Leg aches.

I could go on and on with 600+ pictures to prove it, but I won't, just a few more and some last words.

A dead end in San Francisco, Hollywood Studios.

Seth, on our last night, finally made a purchase with his hard-earned trip money: an electric bubble blower.

housekeeping hilarity

A happy Mama (in desperate need of a haircut) and her babe 

Dr. Gooch unleashing his wild side on Tom Sawyer's Island.

The marvelous Molly, companion and planner extraordinaire.  A true Disney Princess.

It was magical.  You can see it in her face.  But for the money sink that it is, I think we'll stick to beaches, campsites, and picnics.  In all its contrived happiness, I felt gross and drained after five days.  Maybe small doses?  Maybe no doses at all.  Chances are we'll find ourselves back at a Kingdom or two someday.  We're giving ourselves 10 years.  Seth will be graduating from high school, Avery will be nearly a teenager--what a blast it will be to show them these shots from now, then.  Glad we did it.  Glad it's over.  Ready for a detox.  

Most shocking fact:  the sheer number of adults (without children) roaming the Walt Disney World, hat after blinking hat on head.  

Most shocking moment:  when one aforementioned adult sitting across from our clan on the bus, with his wife in tow, blurted for all to hear, "Man I wish there were a bus for people 40 and over without kids!"

My silent, unspoken retort, "Man I wish there were a a park not based on cartoon characters and geared toward the 10 and under set for people 40 and over without kids." 

LeT tHe MeMorIeS BeGIn!


gammy said...

This is wonderful! I'm so happy to have seen you all.

Natasha said...

reminds me of our 2 trips. the kidlets just wanted to hang at the hotel so they could swim and blow $ in the gift shop. i'm glad we went (TWICE) but the kids cracked me up wanting to do the activities we have available right here in nola.

Katrina said...

yeah i don't get the appeal of disney world to adults without children. i went once as a kid and felt fulfilled. i am jealous that you took with trip with molly and arnie though! they rock. and i miss them!

Michelle said...

I share your Disney sentiments. We told ourselves the same thing- you do need 10 years to get the energy to do that again!

Rebekah V. said...

You guys seriously dominated disney. It sounds like you juiced it for all it was worth and that takes some serious energy! Glad to hear you had some fun and also glad to hear you had some scandalous cultural experiences with the matching t-shirt over forty crowd. It wouldn't be disney without it!

Molly said...

The only thing missing from this post is a photo of the restrooms. We spent a lot of time there.

Tasha said...

Ya, we went last year, and had gone 2 years before that. It will definitely be 3 years or more before we go back. I'm with you, I'd rather beach house it!

Tracy said...

I never get sick of Disneyland, but perhaps that's because I grew up in SoCal and we would take it (and still do) in more manageable doses: annual one day trips. We did take two family vacays to Orlando when I was growing up, but we didn't stay "on campus" and we included more in the trips than just Disney World...and never entered the actual theme park (since we had Disneyland back home for that), sticking only to Epcot, World Showcase and MGM studios, etc. I can't imagine doing a whole week of eating, sleeping and thinking only Disney...I'm sure I'd feel gross and drained by the end too! There's no doubt it's magical for the kiddies though!