Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Before I launch into "My Angle of Disney" and detail the five days and four parks that we OWNED down in Orlando...before I upload 623 photos of Dr. Gooch with rascals on his shoulders, mouse-shaped chocolate ice cream treats, blurs of spinning elephants and teacups...before I tell you all you never wanted to know about my opinion of Walt Disney World...I'm attending to a to-do list that I just wrote out and am copying down here.  And I don't have much time either, because it is early-release today at the school down the road where my two oldest rascals attend.

Here's the list:
-Schedule salsa lessons
-get plastic pot liners and insecticidal soup at Lowes
-order 2 hives and honey bees
-pay bills
-call preschool
-car wash
-fold laundry
-socks for Seth
-sort seeds

I'm hopping to it.  See you in Tomorrowland!


k a t y said...

can't wait!!

merathon said...

am i the only one who doesn't know what insecticidal soup is??

love that picture with the stepsister!

Jordan said...

Hee hee. That soup is supposed to be soap!

TX Girl said...

I just thought it was a concoction that only a green thumb would know.

HOORAY for salsa and bees.

I am so very interested in your Disney adventure, especially your thoughts.

sara b said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts about Disney World!

It's a strange place that drains your wallet and causes you to do things you would never normally do. Like spend $4 on a rice krispie treat on a stick OR....encourage your kids to pose with a stranger wearing a large furry costume. Huh? I know. Yet we return. Don't ask because I don't know.

My favorite part is the angry, tired, now poor adults yelling at their scensory-overloaded kids in thee "happiest place on earth" ...funny.

Ingrid said...

I will say this about Disney...although the "magic" is contrived and completely unrealistic, it sure does make for a good time!