Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hazel, our preschooler oblivious to the whole charade.

The rascals had to go to school today.  Today is Saturday.  I called the school and emailed a teacher just to make sure I heard right.  School in session on Saturday?  They call it a snow make-up day.  I don't care what you call it.  Isn't Saturday sacred?  One day set apart for staying in pajamas as long as possible, waking up to a full huge day, hours and hours, of whatever you want.  One day a week when no one else's agenda creeps into your own.  Saturday is a special day, it's the day we do nothing til Sunday.

Smartly, I informed Seth and Lucy, our 2nd-grader and Kindergartner, early on of the switch.  They took it really well.  Really well.  I began to think it was just me.  Maybe I was the only one who saw the sacrilege in this.  Then, this morning, falling in line at the drop-off, I noticed an abc 11 News van and its cameraman.  He was there to catch this fishy phenomenon on camera.  

I kissed and dropped off then headed home.  My seat heater still hadn't kicked in and I shivered in my inefficient hat and gloves.  It was downright chilly!  Right then and there I decided better to tarnish a January Saturday with school stuff than tack on another day in beautiful May.


Artfulife said...

That does sound a little painful. I have never heard of such a thing. Hope you guys don't have to repeat a makeup day again.

P.S. I'm with you on the beach house. I grew up in Florida & miss the beaches oh so much.

Ingrid said...

That's so sad! Over here, we have hurricane days. Essentially throughout the year, the calendar is set with certain days that the children have off from school (like a Friday or a Monday in addition to the regularly scheduled holidays). When a day of school is missed due to a big storm or hurricane, school is rescheduled on one of those days that they may have had off later in the year...NOT A SATURDAY! :( I have never heard of this!

kera said...

well isn't that very optimistic of you! saturday IS really a sacred day for us.....we call it sabbath and it's our church day. 24 hours set aside to rest and draw nearer to our savior. we would have skipped!

merathon said...

i'm with you on this one. i remember last year being really grumpy about the fact that the kids had to make up a snow day on President's Day, but then i remembered that i'd be really upset if they tacked on days in june! course now we live in a land where i don't think they don't BELIEVE in snow days at all!

Susannah said...

My mom is an elementary school principal in NC and my sister is an elementary school teacher in NC, and they have gone through this many a time! (they cancel school on the OBX for high winds!) It's terrible, but it is definitely better than putting off summer vacation!

Tracy said...

I think I would probably have kept the kids home!

Nate and Jen Poulson said...

We had that same thing happen when I was in High school. They actually cancelled school for a snow day in UT, and we were all so elated until the news we'd be making it up on a Saturday.
My mom, who had once been a teacher herself, flatly said, NO WAY. and we didn't hear another word about it.
Nate however who's Mom was a teacher at the time, made them all go and supposedly one of his teachers was giving a mandatory test. Prat!
It's not our fault they cancel school every five mins in the East coast for flurries and possibilities of lots of snow.
As I write this we are currently enjoying our 4th delay/early dismissal/snow day in two weeks!
OK I've vented now.

Rebekah V. said...

This post made me laugh a little too loud. I think it is because I feel like having to get the kids to school every day for 180 days is a bit of heresy. I wonder how many kids called in sick that day.

ps. i am still feeling a little hungover from my first meeting with you. I was a bit drunk with excitement at seeing so many old friends and nervous to meet a new one and can't really remember everything i said or did. I fear some of it may have been out of line. Ah wouldn't be the first time I played the fool. I will say this. I think you are a class act and look forward to early morning runs and chats. Maybe I will actually give you a chance to get a word in:)