Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The real treasure was time with you.

Uncle Dr. Gooch performed a winter treasure hunt for the littles.  We somehow came up with enough hats, gloves and other such outerwear for our Florida cousins.

Another clue, found!

And another!

Great times, beneath the frozen grape arbor.  (I love frozen grapes.)

Beak break.

What a face.  A face to take home, really.  This is Ms. Azure.  She's a wild wonderful thing.  I love her taste in hats, too.


The Original Mangums said...

Treasure hunts are always a hit! Now treasure hunts in the snow.... maybe! Love all the hats, gloves and winter stuff - they are so cute!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Thank you Craig for the treasured treasure hunt. Thank you Jordan for the documentation.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I always end up clicking on your blog from the BlogHer posts in my sidebar. And I'm always awed by your beautiful photographs. The snow pictures are gorgeous!!!

k a t y said...

Those are some fantasmic shots, Jord.

Thanks, Craig, for putting it together. Except for the whistles.