Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm still mulling over in my mind resolutions for the year.  I have a testimony of resolutions.  I don't care wether they are fulfilled or not.  I think there is something highly important about making these sorts of goals for one's life here.

Anyway, I haven't written them down yet.  But we (Dr. Gooch and I) want big things to happen.  Productive things, not just enjoyable things.  We want to take on something together.  I wouldn't call it a project or a job, but something creative.

We produced four strong, good people.  We love them to a fault.  It has been nearly 3 years since we last created one of these and I feel a rather poignant ache about this span of time.  I'm dying to do something important.  Something that leaves us with something.  Not just an expending of resources but also reaching a return on that expenditure.

Our four are along for the ride.  I feel it is our lot to make that ride worthy of their vital lives.

So.  Big things in store for this family.

Besides that, I'm planning on the strongest year yet, for me.  As in, making myself, this body strong.  Also rising above reaction and aiming more for resolution in my day to day mothering.

In other, not less important news, Seth is smitten by the bitter bitter taste of unrequited love.  Her name is Liza and her existence in the world prompted his late night query, "What do you do, Mom, when someone doesn't want to be your friend?"

Too bad, we can't, by our own creative forces, produce friends on contact.


k a t y said...

If anyone can make big things happen, it's you two.

My words for the year are: Be Strong.

Tasha said...

Oh Sethie! That breaks my heart.
If anyone can do any thing- its you!

Jenny Dahl said...

You're dying to do something important and I'm dying to know what that something is going to be. I do hope you'll share!

Anonymous said...

this year i just want to be more quiet and mindful. in everything. perhaps especially my mothering.

Bloom said...

you inspire me. again.


Susannah said...

I come back to this space often for posts like this. There are lots of differences between your life and mine, but time and again, when you reflect on thoughts such as this one, I always think that I have a philosophical twin out there. I get the tension of contentment/restlessness and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Happy 2011!