Friday, January 07, 2011


By the Twenty-Sixth,
Oh! Christmas Tree,
We stopped the watering spree.
Your special glow,
Oh! Christmas Tree,
Lasted night and day you see,
But now, dear fir,
You've overstayed
Of the living space,
A mess you've made.
Oh! Christmas Tree
We've stripped your limbs
Of baubles, bells,
And other trims.
Oh! Christmas Tree
You've met the fate
That ever dreaded
Curbside state.
But! Christmas Tree
Evergreen, Evergiving,
You left us all, still,
A faint smell of thee.


Kurt Knudsen said...

it gave me pines and needles

olivia said...

oh so clever!

k a t y said...

Ryan vacuumed our pile up, so every time I vacuum I get a scent of our Christmas past.