Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here they are: 33 on my 33rd

1. Join a CSA
2.  Eat more Kale
3.  Learn to Purl
4.  A family hike on the AT
5.  Redo the girls' room
6.  Enroll the kids in soccer
7.  Salsa lessons for me and the Dr.
8.  Compile MY own out-of-my-head recipes and see what comes of it
9.  Hand quilt
10.  Get hundreds of bees
11.  Get one goat
12.  Horseback riding lessons for Lucy
13.  Teach the rascals how to cook
14.  Hang Gliding with Lara
15.  Produce something big with Dr. Gooch
16.  Help Seth to conquer his anxiety
17.  Then conquer my own
18.  Go to bed earlier
19.  Read my scriptures in the morning before the attack of the rascals or first thing after they've all been sedated by sleep
20.  Write every day
21.  Get a camera--a real camera and fall in love with the world around me more and more
22.  Pay off two big debts, at least
23.  Redo the downstairs bathroom because it leaks into the basement.
24.  More chickens
25.  Less chips
26.  Run, run, and more run
27.  Train to run 34 miles on my next birthday in 365 days like my friend Annie did.  Wanna join me?
28.  Have more original ideas and write them down.
29.  Take the children to DisneyWorld.
30.  Raise a raucous
31.  Become more whole-hearted and vulnerable.
32.  Find a hat rack.
33.  Do something about it!


TX Girl said...

When? At the CC in the fall?

Happy Happy Birthday Jo. You, my friend, inspire me!


Jac's Mum said...

Oh. 45 miles for me next birthday, then (= 71km) Are we allowed to do it over a week, maybe?

Happy Birthday to you.

Message me, if you like - I think my daughter may have just the thing for your #28 writing-down requirements - she handsews beautiful books just for fun, with the pages all blank and ready for your original ideas :-)

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!! Hope you had a great one.

sara b said...

A goat? Hang gliding? Salsa lessons?
Man lady Mangum, your year is going to be exciting!

I'll run the 34 with you if you need a partner.....I mean it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my dearest.

Sara B

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Tasha said...

I wanna hang glide too!

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend Jordan!!!

Rebekah V. said...

Three words for you. Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

Jordan said...

Rebekah! I know! I love those little guys. I've just got to convince the hubs.