Sunday, January 02, 2011


It's the duty of the brothers, husbands, fathers, and bros-in-law to fold bags, fill them with sand, set them out, add tealights, and light the Luminarias.  A New Mexico tradition that I adopted from my childhood. It is a lot of work and I always get a few heavy sighs and moans when the time comes to do this.  (Okay, it WAS a bit nippy).  But, the children are getting older and they jumped in the mix helping the process along this year.

Guiding the spirit of the Christ Child to one's home, is the hope steeped in this tradition.

When the sun goes down, the result is truly spectacular.  It's amazing how long those little tealights last, well past dinner, into the talent show portion of the evening.


k a t y said...

It was all so perfect. Thanks, jord.

TX Girl said...

My parents always did luminaries too. Oh how I miss them. Yours look gorgeous.

You are the ultimate hostess my friend. Can't wait to drink it up this fall.

kera said...

I'm gonna do luminaries....I WILL!!! I love this! LOVE THIS I TELL YOU!!! And I'm sure it's as magical as it looks!

Tasha said...

Love it! Have I said that about every part of your Christmas???

The Original Mangums said...

Somehow we missed this post! Beautiful!